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Common Questions

How soon can you start?

My availability varies throughout the year, depending on my current workload it can range from tomorrow to a few weeks from now. If you have a set deadline, get in touch with me today to ensure we complete your project on time.

Do you have a "style"?

My goal is always to capture the essence of each and every individual brand I work with, and my designs reflect who my clients are at their core — visually and strategically.

Do you offer monthly retainers?

Yes, I love becoming my clients’ go-to, on-demand designer and offer different retainer programs. However, this is reserved only for clients I have previous working experience with.

How are payments handled?

I offer different payment options depending on the service or what’s best suited for each project. A deposit fee is typically required up front. I also accept debit/credit cards through Stripe or direct deposits